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Trending: 10 Stylish Wall Hooks and Hangers

Wall hooks and hangers have in the past been a necessary evil in the home. Nowadays, though, they’re being made so stylish and chic that in many cases they don’t even need to serve the purpose for which they were intended; let them be a display piece on your wall and admire their beauty! Read on for 10 of the best wall hooks and hangers you can nab online.


The S Collection - SAW Interiors

It all Started with a Candle Making Kit…

It was November 2013 when I first laid nostril on SAW Interiors Candles. The gorgeous lady behind the Aussie brand, Stacey Wellington, had sent me a sample to try and since then the brand has gone gangbusters. This post is so much more than a candle making story, though; it’s a look at what happens when you choose to follow your creative dreams. Cue the inspirational music!


IKEA Storage Solution

5 Storage Solutions from the new IKEA Catalogue

If it’s one thing that drives me batty, it’s seeing an open shelf full of random stuff. I also have an OCD-type hatred for cords showing, but that’s another story altogether! For me, stylish storage solutions are a gift from the decor gods. Having spotted five such ideas in the recent IKEA catalogue, I thought it best I showcase some for you, so you too can score some ideas to get your own place organised.


Speaker from Yellow Octopus

Fathers Day Gifts Guide: 10 Pressies Dad will Love!

It’s time to put a ban on books and booze for Father’s Day, Creatives! The gift guide I’ve put together in today’s post is filled to the brim with presents Dad will actually lose his mind over – and with enough variety to cater for every style of dad there is. And just between you and I, I may end up bagging a few of these for myself (I deserve it!). On with the TLC Fathers Day Gifts Guide!


Projects - The Life Creative

Must-Try DIY Projects from my Instagram Feed

Social Media Sunday is back, Creatives, but this edition features six glorious DIY projects and passions from Instagram that’ll inspire you to get creating in your own home. Well, that’s what it did for me anyway, so hopefully it’s contagious! Here are the six people behind the stunning images that stood out for me this week.


Office Decorating

Office Decorating: 3 Looks to Get you Started!

As an area that’s uniquely yours, the office or study is your moment to go all out and reflect your personal style. Here are three very different office decorating ideas that’ll (hopefully) inspire you show who you are in a way that a living room, bedroom or other shared living space often cannot. On with the dreamy imagery!


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