Oz Design Sofa

First Look: Oz Design’s Colourful Spring Summer Range

Confession: I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Oz Design. The ‘choose your own adventure’ aspect of their furniture, where you can pretty much customise any component you like, has always appealed to me. After I cast my eyes over their Spring Summer 14/15 Collections, I’m certain it’s love. Let’s take a closer look at some stunning new pieces!


Cotton on Kids Triangle Pillowcas - Orange

Cotton on Kids: Decor You’ll Want for your own Room

Last week I had the pleasure of jetting down to Melbourne to take in the wonder of the Cotton On Group Christmas preview. As the mother biz of Cotton On, Cotton on Kids, Typo and more, the company hosted an extravaganza of decor goodness. It would be criminal of me not to show you the best bits from Cotton On Kids. And trust me, adults, when I say that you’ll want this stuff for your own space!


Nespresso Coffee by Breville

The New Appliance every Coffee Lover Needs

I won’t lie; I get through a typical day with about four or five coffees. It’s my vice and I imagine it’s going to stay that way for a while to come (who in their right mind gives up coffee?). When I got the chance to sample a new coffee machine from Breville, it was like all my Christmases had come at once – and I haven’t looked back.


Lighting in Micheael and Carlene's Laundry

The Block’s Luxury & Lacklustre Laundry Reveals

What’s a Sunday night without a few good laughs from The Block Glasshouse judges? This week’s reveal was all about the laundry, staircase and powder room – with the entire world unanimous on which one was downright wrong. Let’s take a stylist’s-look at why they did and didn’t work.


Neutral Paints

New Neutral Paint Colours (and no White in Sight!)

I put the call out on Instagram last week and asked you what your biggest bug bear was when it came to decorating. One of the issues raised was that of white paint. Specifically, what if you’re not a fan of the sometimes stark nature of this colour? And what other options can you splash your walls with? Well, this post should sort you out then; three alternatives to painting your walls white!


IKEA living room - Rental Decorating

Style Tips: Decorating a Rental Home

I’ve rented a few homes in my time and I have to say that finding creative ways to decorate them is no easy feat. I put a call out on Instagram last week asking you what your top decorating woes were and decorating a rental – especially taking potential moving into account – was one of the top issues. So here it is: my how-to guide on pimping out your rental pad (with furniture & decor ideas that will work even when you move onto your next home).


The Block Glasshouse Master Bedroom

The Block Master Bedroom Reveals: Best & Worst

I named myself the fourth, couch-bound judge on this season the The Block (they’re yet to Skype me in during their walk-throughs – rude!), so I thought it best that I give you my stylist’s two-cents on the best and worst from last night’s master bedroom reveals – with no reference, of course, to the ‘spy-gate’ phone recording drama. 


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