Organic Soap Products from Nakeba

Win: Organic Soaps that look Good Enough to Eat

Adding no synthetic chemical fragrances or preservatives to its soaps, local biz Nakeba has me well and truly head over heels for its bath products, the faves of which are these delectable soaps. These organic treasures are just some of the handmade bath-time essentials this local brand produces – and they’ve made for a divine addition to my bathroom. 


Affordable Homewares - Budget Buys

Bargain Buys: 10 Homewares for under $60 Each!

There’s nothing I love more than a bargain buy. They’re great as finishing touches in a room and are often just as show-stopping as the pricier pieces you had to beg your bank account to let you purchase. These 10 bargain homewares buys are affordable, gorgeous and just what the doctor ordered to add some interest to your room!


Interior Styling - Office

5 Ways an Interior Decorator Can Help your Home

Not sure what an interior decorator does? Toyed with the idea of using one to transform your home? Today’s post is going to get you all clued up! I’ve asked Emma Blomfield from Nest Designs to share 5 ways an interior decorator can help your home – giving it magazine-page glamour for prices you won’t be able to nab yourself! 


Instagram Photos on The LIfe Creative

This Week’s Must-See Instagram Photos!

Another week, another glorious batch of Instagram photos to inspire and entice. This edition features sweet treats, fab florals and a few whimsical moments. Not only am I sharing why these pics are so stunning, but including the Creative types they’ve come from so you can find out who to follow on Instagram!


ISCD 30th Birthday

Inside ISCD’s 30th Birthday Bash

A few weeks back I popped into the International School of Colour + Design (ISCD) to throw back a champers and celebrate its 30th birthday. Despite it not looking a day over 21, the school has been educating a slew of stylists, designers and artists-in-the-making for over three decades – including me!


Life INstyle

3 Must-See Exhibitors at Life Instyle.

Life Instyle is set to start on July 31 and in today’s post I’m giving you a look-in on three amazing exhibitors this event has to offer. Creative masterminds in their own right, these brands make products that are set to transform your home (and style) for the better. Let’s take a closer look!


Rustoleum Peel Coat

Removable Rustoleum Spray Paint. Yes!

I’ve officially lost my mind and I don’t think it’s coming back. I’ve just discovered removable Rustoleum spray paint that allows you to create a dipped effect on pots as well as other homewares pieces and furniture. I best tell my partner that everything in the house is about to get dipped (it’s only fair to give him warning). (more…)

August Inside Out

The August Inside Out Magazine is Speaking to Me

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m utterly obsessed with cushions and candles. I’ll take them in any size, shape and form I can get them in! When I laid eyes on the August issue of Inside Out Magazine – featuring a spread on both cushions and candles – it was like the pages were speaking to me (and I swear I hadn’t even touched a glass of red yet!). 


Tara Dennis Interview

Tara Dennis on Style Hits and Misses.

I feel there’s nothing Tara Dennis can’t do. This local legend has been designing, styling and crafting the nation for years and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. It’s not all style hits, though, as I found out when I spoke to Tara and asked her about some of her interior wins, woes and ‘what was I thinking’ moments!


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