Falling in love with the Signage Art of Vanessa Hile

Yellow sofa in fresh interior living room

I love me some signage art and I don’t think it gets better than the work of Aussie artist Vanessa Hile. I discovered her online recently and went a little bananas over the bold and bright pieces on her website. She’s a local lass who’s making a name for herself and I can’t get enough of her. Here’s why.


The Under the Hammer Promo that’ll Make you Teary

Under the Hammer on Seven - The Life Creative

Either I’ve become sappy in my old age or the promo for Channel Seven’s new series, Under the Hammer, really is an emotional one. An auction series that follows the process of buying and selling the family home, it’s an unexpected tear jerker if I ever saw one! See the promo here.


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