HPM USB Power Point

Stylish USB Power Points for the Home

Granted, I never normally find myself getting giddy over gadgets, but when I found out there are sexy power points containing USB ports – so you can transform pockets of your home into little recharge centres – my interior antennas went off and I couldn’t help but spread the word!


Moteef Cushions Purple and Green

Meet Moteef: Must-Have Outdoor Cushions for Spring

I thought I was a winter devotee until the warmer weather kicked in last week and I felt a sudden rush of elation. With this elation, each year, comes the joy of decking my place out for spring. The balcony and outdoor zones are usually the first to get the once over, and some of these divine outdoor cushions from Moteef are just what the decor doctor ordered!


Clickon Furniture Sofa

Is your Home P*ssing you Off?

There’s no other way to say it; sometimes you look around your home and feel positively peeved off with it. Every inch of it is driving you batty – and if you see one more image of an over-styled family home in your fave interior design mag you just might go postal. So, your home is grinding your gears. Here’s how to fall in love with it again!


Hooray Issue 7 front cover

The Life Creative in Issue 7 of Hooray Magazine

I’ve been a big fan of HOORAY since it first landed seven issues ago. It was formerly named Hitched, and focused predominantly on weddings, but has recently rebranded and gotten bigger and better, with a much broader offering. Now, HOORAY covers events, party planning, occasions and celebrating the everyday. In the latest issue – out today – The Life Creative features!


The Block 4

The most disappointing week on The Block yet!

What a disappointing week it was on The Block Glasshouse. The living room is hands-down my fave room of the house and four out of the five teams created dud spaces – and then felt offended when qualified judges called them out on it. It was the first week I felt rather annoyed by the reveals. Let’s examine why!


The Block Glasshouse Kitche 4

The Block Glasshouse is Open for Inspection!

I’ve just caught word that The Block Glasshouse is open for inspection this upcoming weekend, September 20 and 21, giving you the chance to get up close and personal not only with the contestants on the show, but the rooms they’ve created as well!


Macrame in Jonathan Adler's Home

Jonathan Adler on Embracing Ugly Decor

I’ve long had an admiration for American designer Jonathan Adler. His irreverent approach to design and willingness to experiment makes him one of the most iconic creatives of our time. He also has a mantra of ‘embracing the ugly’ when it comes to design and decor, which is one philosophy I’m really on board with.


Bo Concept Elelphant

Supa Centa Moore Park’s Exciting Retail Changes!

I remember living out of home for the first time at 21, in Waterloo, and heading over to IKEA at the Supa Centa Moore Park to buy furniture. A lot has changed since then (what a difference 11 years makes), but the retail complex is even bigger and better now than it was when I first discovered it. Let’s take a look at five exciting retail changes and arrivals happening at the Centa. Prepare to go wild!



Inside the Country’s Most-Colourful Venue

I go cuckoo for colour when it comes to interior design, so it should come as no surprise that I almost had to call a medic when I cast my eyes over these images of Matisse Beach Club. It has got to be the country’s most colourful venue – with a Miami cabana aesthetic I’m positively losing my mind over! Let’s take a look inside this decor delight!


Kitchen Renovation Before

Inside a Stunning $1000 Kitchen Renovation

With all the kitchen drama going down on The Block this week (don’t get me started!), I thought it might be nice to keep calm and carry on by showcasing the gorgeous kitchen renovation of TLC reader Connie Sharpe. I’ve featured her living room on the blog before and am blown away by her eye for design. This kitchen before and after just goes to prove how good the eye really is!


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